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Assigning Course Credit

With approval from a faculty supervisor, students may be able to obtain course credit for research participation. Credit is often available through the student’s or faculty supervisor’s department or college and is also available through the School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS).

UGS offers these Undergraduate Research Experience course numbers: UGS 310 and UGS 320L (with an Independent Inquiry flag option). In order to enroll in any of these courses, the student must find a faculty member to serve as supervisor. A student may serve as an assistant on an existing faculty project or pursue an independent project.

The student and faculty supervisor must complete and sign a research contract, which the student will turn in to the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), FAC 33. Drafting the contract allows the student to develop ideas about what she or he hopes to accomplish and allows the faculty supervisor to clearly articulate what is expected of the student over the course of the semester.

For more information, download the Undergraduate Research Experience course contract or contact the Office of Undergraduate Research.