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If you are not traveling far with your poster, it is sufficient to roll it up and secure it with two rubber bands at either end and one rubber band in the middle. In case of rain, it is a good idea to place it in a long plastic bag.

If you are traveling long-distance to your poster presentation, it is advisable to buy a poster tube, which can be purchased at the UT Art Co-op or an office supply store.

Cardboard tubes are enough in most cases, but if you’re planning on presenting at multiple conferences over the years you may want to consider a sturdier plastic tube (these usually include straps for easier carrying). If at all possible, never check your poster with your luggage. Carry it on the plane with you. (You may consider carrying on the clothes you plan to wear when presenting, too.)

Hanging Your Poster

There are many different ways to hang posters. Some poster holders use clips to hold the poster in place, while others use pins or Velcro strips. In most cases, you will not need to bring anything to hang your poster. Those materials will be provided by the event organizers. If you have questions about the poster set up, contact the event organizers in advance.

What to Bring to the Event

  1. Your poster
  2. A sign to hang on your poster that reads “Will be back in five minutes”
  3. A notepad and pen to take notes and record contact information
  4. A signup sheet so interested visitors can leave their e-mail addresses to receive a PDF copy of the poster (optional)
  5. Printed copies of your research abstract (optional)
  6. Printed 8.5×11” copies of the poster itself (optional)
  7. Business cards (optional)

How to Dress

All poster sessions require professional attire. You will be standing for a long period of time so it is also important that your clothing and shoes are comfortable. To be absolutely safe, check with the event coordinator if you have any questions.