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Career Readiness

So you’ve conducted research and graduation is on the horizon. What’s next for your research experience?

Market your accomplishments

Keep track of your research experiences, presentations, and publications. Learn more about how to communicate this information on your resume with resources from Texas Career Engagement. TCE also provides resources for putting together a CV, or curriculum vitae, which is roughly the academic equivalent of a resume. Refer to the career services office in the College of Natural Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, Moody College of Communication, or your own college for discipline-specific guidance in writing your materials.

Whether you’re writing a resume, CV, or cover letter, it’s important to be able to discuss your work in terms of skills and experiences that are relevant to your audience (e.g., potential employers or graduate admissions committees). Learn more about how to express the transferable skills you’ve developed through your research.

Professional and graduate school

Your research experience will be an asset when applying to another degree program. Learn more about the process of applying to graduate programs.

Apply for jobs

Texas Career Engagement provides numerous online resources, as well as counseling and coaching appointments.