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Publishing Work in a Journal

If your research experience culminates in a paper, you may want to consider submitting it to a journal for publication. There are a number of UT Austin undergraduate research journals and external research journals. Your supervisor might also have recommendations about where to submit your work.

If you have been collaborating with a faculty member or a research team, be sure to clear your proposed ideas with your faculty supervisor. Depending on the quality and significance of your work, your supervisor may recommend you submit it to a discipline-specific journal.

When working on your submission, remember that the Undergraduate Writing Center in the PCL Learning Commons offers services for writers on a walk-in basis or by appointment.

Undergraduate Journals at The University of Texas at Austin

Each undergraduate research journal listed below is run by an all-student staff. Check each publication’s website for the most up-to-date information on submission procedures and deadlines. If you’re interested in learning more about the world of research and publishing, contact the journal to find out how to participate.

University of Texas Undergraduate Research Journal

The Texas Undergraduate Research Journal is a work of multi-disciplinary research produced and edited by undergraduate students at The University of Texas at Austin. The Journal is published every spring semester, circulated across campus, and housed in the Library of Congress. Their organization also sponsors events that increase student participation in research across campus. They operate as an agency of the Senate of College Councils. Contact the Undergraduate Research Journal.


Apricity is UT’s official literary and art magazine. It accepts all forms of literary, visual, and performing arts submissions for consideration to be featured online and in an annual print edition alongside international artists. You can learn more here. Contact Apricity.

The Developing Economist

The Developing Economist is a research journal based at The University of Texas at Austin and sponsored by the Longhorn Chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honors Society. Its mission is to publish outstanding undergraduate research in the fields of Economics, International Relations, Finance, and Public Policy, while fostering scientific learning within the UT community. As a venue for aspiring economists, The Developing Economist hopes to provide visibility to undergraduate research and establish a dialogue between students of economics at all levels. Contact The Developing Economist.

Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo is a student-run philosophy journal that seeks to serve as an outlet for undergraduate philosophy essays of exceptional quality. The journal is produced by the Undergraduate Philosophy Association and supported in large part by the Department of Philosophy at The University of Texas at Austin. Ex Nihilo is published in the spring, and issues are published in print as well as online. Contact Ex Nihilo.


The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects is supported by the UT Digital Writing and Research Lab. This online journal is an outlet for creative works and scholarly criticism, focusing on digital and multimedia projects employing the rhetoric of new media.

Sociological Insight

The Sociology Department launched Sociological Insight in the fall of 2008. It is a peer-reviewed sociology journal promoting undergraduate scholarship in the social sciences. Sociological Insight seeks to provide an opportunity for undergraduates in the United States and abroad to publish their very best academic papers and reap the benefits of subjecting their research to a rigorous peer-review process.

In addition to publishing superlative academic manuscripts, Sociological Insight publishes reviews of recent books related to the social sciences and interviews with academics, professionals, and activists about subjects of sociological significance. Contact Sociological Insight.

Texas Undergraduate Law Review

The chief purpose of the Texas Undergraduate Law Review is to encourage undergraduate students with a passion for contemporary legal issues to pursue scholarly and academic research. We give undergraduate students across the nation the opportunity to engage in legal research and writing and have their work published in a nationally reviewed academic journal. Submissions are taken continuously, and students often submit term papers from classes. Contact the Texas Undergraduate Law Review.

The Texas Orator

The Texas Orator is a nonpartisan, peer-reviewed political publication founded and maintained by students at The University of Texas at Austin. The publication focuses on free speech and issues of campus and nationwide interest and seeks to keep the student body informed of the implications of ever-changing political climates, both domestically and abroad, from a range of voices and perspectives. The Texas Orator publishes articles online year-round, with a select few compiled in an annual journal published in May. Contact The Texas Orator.

External Journals

The Undergraduate Research Commons and the Council on Undergraduate Research both provide portals for finding undergraduate research publications from around the world. These sites can be useful for finding examples of undergraduate research in your field of study, and for finding publications that accept submissions from all undergraduates.

There are a number of journals hosted at universities across the country accepting undergraduate student submissions. A sample of external journals is listed below. Be sure to search the internet for the most up-to-date and complete listing of opportunities.

American Undergraduate Journal of Politics & Government

The American Undergraduate Journal of Politics and Government provides a competitive, bi-annual platform exclusively for undergraduate papers. The Journal encourages students from all classes and majors to submit papers to one of four divisions:

  • American Politics
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • Political Theory

The Journal’s editorial board is comprised of undergraduate peers at Purdue University who endeavor each semester to publish manuscripts of the highest academic quality.

The Dualist: Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

The Dualist is dedicated to recognizing valuable undergraduate contributions in philosophy and providing a medium for undergraduate discourse on topics of philosophical interest. It was created by students at Stanford University in 1994 and has since featured submissions from undergraduate students around the world. The journal is published each spring and distributed to philosophy departments across the nation.

Forbes & Fifth

Forbes & Fifth, a magazine published by Dietrich School undergraduates at the University of Pittsburgh, and sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, unites works of research, creative writing, and scholarly articles under the banner of interdisciplinary collaboration. We seek articles of an interdisciplinary nature, both in form and content. We’ve featured research articles on Internet memes, Peruvian terrorism, Mongolian folk-rock, Great Britain’s “Little Ice Age,” as well as poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We’re also interested in visual art, translations, and reviews. Undergraduates at accredited institutions may submit inquiries or work by e-mail.

Intersection of Linguistics, Language & Culture Journal

The Intersection of Linguistics, Language & Culture Journal is the first international journal of undergraduate research in Linguistics and Speech-Language-Hearing-Communication Sciences.

Journal of Young Investigators

The Journal of Young Investigators publishes original research papers, review articles, features, letters to the editor, and other science-related content. Reports on original research are limited to research conducted while or before the author was an undergraduate.

Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review

The Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review (PUR) gives undergraduates throughout the country an avenue to publish original scholarship that might otherwise go unnoticed. The PUR’s review process is similar to that of professional academic journals: two referees with expertise in fields related to each prospective article are chosen from a pool of faculty members at the University of Pittsburgh and surrounding institutions. The referees evaluate the paper for originality, clarity, quality of reasoning, and research.

Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research

The Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research encourages undergraduate students to submit manuscripts for consideration. The journal accepts submissions for review on an ongoing basis. Although manuscripts are limited to empirical research, they may cover any topical area in the psychological sciences.

UReCA: The NCHC Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

The UReCA: The NCHC Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity is a multidisciplinary Web journal sponsored by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). Their mission is to curate relevant, progressive and academic content that appeals to undergraduate students in the United States and abroad. They seek work in all formats and disciplines from undergraduate students who are engaged in relevant and intriguing research.

Tufts Historical Review

The Tufts Historical Review (THR) is the official publication of the Tufts University Department of History. THR is one of the leading principally-undergraduate academic journals of history in the United States. Each year, the Tufts Historical Review receives submissions from students at colleges and university across the country. Our journal is sent to libraries at universities across the world, most notably to Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Library of Congress, Cornell University, Georgetown University, and the University of Oxford. We invite you to submit your work to the Editorial Board for review.

Vanderbilt Historical Review

The Vanderbilt Historical Review (VHR) is the first and only journal of history at Vanderbilt, created in the fall of 2015 by a group of undergraduate students. The publication seeks to show the importance of studying the past through its semiannual publication. Topics may cover a wide range of disciplines, including economic, political, social, or cultural history. The editorial board leads a blind review process in which historically accurate, interesting, and creative articles are critiqued. In doing so, the journal provides a forum of academic debate on relevant historical questions.

Boston University International Relations Review

The Boston University International Relations Review (IRR) challenges readers to engage with underrepresented international issues while utilizing thoughtful, interdisciplinary lenses. Established in 2009, the IRR has maintained strong connections with Boston University and the BU International Affairs Association to become the analytical, policy-oriented academic journal it is today. Its biannual print publications boast 120-200 pages each, all of which since 2011 have been indexed by the US Library of Congress.