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Plan & Propose a Signature Course

Signature Course essentials provide students with an innovative way to transition to being successful college students through a variety of course topics. While we recognize that different faculty members have different teaching styles, we hope these platforms allow an easy way for you to dive into your course content. Learn more about the Signature Course essentials.

Syllabus Planning

The First-Year Experience Office has compiled a syllabus checklist that includes Signature Course essentials along with standard syllabus requirements. Use our syllabus template.

We have also collected exemplary syllabus examples from past Signature Course professors. You may also lookup all recent UGS 302 and UGS 303 syllabi with the UT Syllabus Database.

Sample Assignments and Documents

Our office has compiled samples from various faculty that address nearly every aspect of teaching a Signature Course, from creating your syllabus to designing assignments that successfully incorporate the various course essentials.

Teaching Tips and Tricks

Read tips and tricks for teaching from members of our Signature Course Advisory Council.

Writing Planning

Each Signature Course will help students adapt their skills to college-level writing. Take a look at these resources and tips, which can help you plan assignments appropriate for first-year students. You can also learn more about the writing flag. All UGS 302 courses carry the writing flag. UGS 303 courses can carry the writing flag, but faculty members must submit a flag proposal.

Signature Course Undergraduate Assistant Program

The First-Year Experience office coordinates an undergraduate assistant program for a limited number of UGS 302 seminar-style courses. Contact the First-Year Experience office for more information.

Signature Courses Abroad

Click here for more information and to view the proposal form.

I’m ready to propose my Signature Course

We are no longer accepting Signature Course proposals for the 2024-25 academic year. Proposals for 2025-26 will be accepted beginning in March 2024.